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MC Island Motor Bike Club

We are a group of friendly – and slightly mad – bikers. The Club was founded in the year of 2003.

Today we have grown into a Club of 20 members and as from the start we ride all kinds of bikes. Among others Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki – some of us drive Special and American cars. Most of us are 40+. If you have looked just a little close on some of our pictures you might have figured that out. When the winter is over we will put some new photos on the site. So come back in a month or so and you will see how we all look.

Since spring 2008 we have had our own facility. Here we meet twice a month, we party or simply drop by for something hot or cold and a chat. There are photos illustrating our club facilities on our site.

We arrange longer day trips or even some that include several days. We are trying to build a firm focus around the touring side of our activities. Just to keep in mind why we are members of a bikers club.

Sometimes we are 4 and others times we are 10 – 15 bikers. We do not have any rules that dictate us to participate. Guests and friends that are not members are welcome to join us on these tours.

The highlight of our activities is our annual Rally that takes place last week end of August. Over the years it has always been a warm, friendly and joyful event. The Rally has grown from an entirely local event into something that is known both in Denmark and abroad.

The Rally of 2016 takes place from the 26th of August to the 28st of August. We already are far in the planning of the Rally. Yet there remains some work to do and you can follow the progress elsewhere on our site.

If you are up for some friendly company why not come by and meet us.

Should you decide to come by, please let us know; we will then arrange a welcome for you. You are of course very welcome to contact us – please drop a mail. You will find our address in the menu to your left. Just press the button “contact”. Take care and ride safe.

Best regards, MC Island